Nicole Adams

Nicole Adams is the Co-Founder of ALIGN Lifestyle Management. Born in Georgia, she holds a soft-spot for charming environments and southern hospitality. Nicole adds her own creative edge to every experience, space, and client relationship. Using her 20+ year background in business management, advertising, corporate events, and residential interior design, Nicole brings a distinct vision to ALIGN, which she channeled into the development of ALIGN’S progressive business model. A confessed travel junkie, Nicole’s wanderlust often includes wandering back alleys looking for the most perfect tiny restaurant no one has heard of. Fitting for someone whose first words were “Let’s Eat.”

Lauren Redlich

Lauren Redlich is the Co-Founder of ALIGN Lifestyle Management. With more than 12 years of experience in hospitality and design, Lauren is ALIGN’s operations expert for the firm’s residential and multi-family concierge. Transforming clients’ vision into reality is her forte. Working as the team’s “conductor” she orchestrates everything from complex events to everyday tasks that allows clients to live a meaningful and memorable life. A word of caution, Lauren co-founded ALIGN on the idea of “Not taking no for an answer”. So, watch out.


Tim Plemmons
Multi-Family Client Relations Manager

Tim Plemmons works with multi-family property managers to deliver a superior service experience within ALIGN’s residential communities. After working for some of  the largest hospitality firms in the world, Tim knows exactly what it takes to create a culture focused on exceptional service. What excites him most about ALIGN? “We are revolutionizing the way people live their lives. Our business model fosters the innovative drive that leads to incredible opportunity for everyone involved.” He has everyone and everything around him dialed and ready to pounce at any given time.


Allison Kloek
Lead Travel Director

As ALIGN’s travel director, Allison Kloek is an expert in client experiences, hospitality and client relations. She specializes in creating unique and memorable moments, including travel logistics, reservations, events and daily tasks. As a former employee at one of the nation’s top educational tour and language companies, her customer service expertise helps to set ALIGN apart from the competition. And, with a knack for sourcing the seemingly impossible to find must haves or highly coveted one of a kind experiences, Allison is the ALIGN treasure hunter always on a quest to discover what’s next.


Haley Dill
Experience Manager

A Texas native, Haley Dill moved to Denver in 2017 to be closer to hiking trails and mountain adventure. As an experience manager, Dill is an efficiency wiz, and loves helping residents tackle their daily to-do lists and plan exceptional experiences. Her passion? “Serving others in order to make their lives more peaceful and stress free.” Next step, sainthood.


Kim Risi
Experience Manager | Mountain Liaison

With more than 20 years in the guest services and hospitality industry, Kim Risi is passionate about providing clients with exciting and unforgettable experiences. Office jobs don’t sit well with Risi—she’s a mover and a shaker. Based in Vail, Risi offers an inside scoop on attractions, events and what’s new in the mountain regions for both locals and travelers. When she’s not planning creative outings for clients, Risi is most likely working her second job as a professional driver for her children, Zoey and Valen.