Ciudad de Mexico: Muchas Devoluciones

Next time a friend suggests that you make the trip to Mexico City, listen to them. Recently named as the official 2018 World Design Capital, this vibrant, energized, fast-paced and style-forward city was well worth the journey.


In April, we decided to flee the States for tax season during the infamous blooming of Mexico’s Jacarandá Tree season. Each spring, these blushing purple flowers grace the streets and parks of the city. Interesting Fact: the first Jacarandá tree was originally a gift from a Japanese immigrant who came to visit the city, and has become to Mexican culture an enduring symbol of international friendship. Vertical gardens line the streets, providing clean air and presenting an innovative way to further beautify the city.


Fortunately for us, the most stunning view we found during our stay was right outside our hotel window at the Four Seasons! Our windows overlooked a lush courtyard with breathtaking views. No matter where you choose to stay, be sure to grab breakfast at Four Seasons’ Pan Dulce or enjoy a tequila craft cocktail from the stunning on-site bar, Fifty Mils.


We synced our trip with events centered around Condo Mexico City 2018. Denver-based Gildar Gallery, in collaboration with Gallery Hilario Galguera, held their opening reception for the Palletable Relations exhibit during our visit. The breathtaking space was host to works by many artists, including Denver’s own Amber Cobb and Andrew Jensdotter.


Our favorite lunch was spent celebrating a friend’s birthday at Contramar. Chef Gabriela Camará is the genius behind this female-owned restaurant. It was only natural that we treated the Founder of TARRA, Kate Bailey, to this iconic experience. If you order anything, be sure to have the Fish The Size from the entrée section of the menu. We opted for the Contramar Style fish, which is made with half marinade red chili rub and half parsley rub. The food was absolutely divine, and well enjoyed in the restaurant’s sunny, open interiors.


All of the wonderful flavors of Mexico can be found at Pujol on their tasting menu. Our favorite dish was the Mole Madre that has been aged for over 1,200 days. This bucket list item was rated No. 20 on the World’s Best 50 Restaurants in 2017.


With so much beauty, design and fashion on tap, we spent the majority of our time meandering the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma. With the green trails through the center of the city streets, corner bistros and coffee shops, and stunning architecture, you can’t help but imagine a more peaceful, beautiful life here in Mexico City.


Smart shopping is all the buzz throughout the city center. Be sure to visit Carla Fernandez for locally designed clothing and accessories and find a seat at Mercado Roma to rest your feet after a day of busy shopping and sightseeing.


Julieta Venegas, we get you:


“I went to Mexico City to visit, and I fell in love with the city. I went to my house to pick up my stuff. It was the craziest, most impulsive move I've ever done. I just felt like I had to stay there.”


Julieta Venegas