Drum Roll, Please: Announcing Align Office Design

As you know, we’ve been passionate about creating undeniably amazing environments for our clients' residents. In working with many CEO’s, we can't help but notice the office as an extension of the home. A truly aligned office environment is streamlined, unique to the company's vision, and inspires your team everyday (even if that team is just you).

Currently we are infusing a few offices in Denver and Boulder with some extra mojo and attention to finer details. This additional layer of finesse definitely includes art and decor to bring about an aesthetically pleasing environment, but it can also enhancing the overall experience, including organization and efficiency systems design. How does your style reflect your brand? How will your place of business be inviting to clients, investors, employees (whether that's a home office, corner office or an office buzzing with activity)? How do you want to show up in the world as a professional?

Enter ALIGN Office Design-- Starting with Levin Family Dental

ALIGN was brought to the project by Levin Family Dental's talented Creator of Environments, Meg Miller. Taking a cue from her Mid-Century Modern sensibilities, it was necessary to create the same aesthetic behind closed doors-- and closed drawers. Our Organizational Experience Manager, Craig, developed systems and best practices for a full dental office organization. In 30 days, the ALIGN team completely transformed and streamlined files and products that Levin Family Dental has had in place for years. Even more, Craig was able to regulate inventory systems and check-ins that help hold staff accountable in their day to day work. Here's how it turned out: 


Stay tuned for more new office experiences to come! Co-Founder, Lauren Redlich spent her days before ALIGN on the commercial furniture circuit, while Co-Founder Nicole Adams has been curating tastes and spaces throughout her career. Both have enjoyed being exposed to a variety of high end interiors, either as guests or paid reviewers (that was a fun stint!). Suffice to say, Nicole and Lauren know just what to look for in a hospitable experience-- together they are passionate about using this knowledge to create alignment among people, purpose and space. While they already do this in the home, it was just time to do it in the office as well!