Our Client’s Exquisite Masterpiece: A Collaborative Success

What we have learned time and time again with Align, is to hire a person who is really good at what they do and put them on your team. We often work with contractors and sub contractors and select them with our clients’ best interests in mind.

All successful processes are collaborative. Lauren and I work side by side on a regular basis to meet our portfolio demands. We depend on our employees to execute our vision and it is a constant ebb and flow. Most recently, we took place in a super unique collaborative process. Our client is listing his exquisite penthouse at 1610 Little Raven in Denver.


Lauren put her organizational and design skills to the test. After Align moved our client in Eco Friendly Green Boxes, to his new home, we were left with an industrial feel condo with a stunning view, that needed some final touches for it’s big debut. Enter Tanya Heller, a well known Denver Real Estate Agent with Slifer, Smith, and Frampton Denver. Tanya insisted that the best Penthouse in town for sale should look immaculate. We were up for the challenge. With many hours spent decluttering and polishing, we also began the planning process with Flora Interiors. Karla and Mindy worked with Lauren Redlich, Align’s Co-Founder, to put the best fitting furniture in place. The interiors came alive with a sophisticated, yet neutral palette. This allows for potential buyers to see the space with clean lines, so they can visualize how they would see the space as their own.

Countless hours were put into the staging of this beautiful home that overlooks Riverfront Park. Luxury was defined through and through from every company and every touch point. Slifer, Smith, and Frampton trusted Flora and Align to execute the preparation of PH-1 seamlessly. With all teams and contacts working together, our client was able to trust that agenda items were being handled, deliveries were beingreceived, and that the immaculate property would meet Denver properly in it’s best form.

If you would like a showing at this stunning listing, please contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with Tanya Heller directly. If you are looking for an amazing staging company, we highly recommend Flora Interiors. If you need a team to put everything in place and handle your properties, call us and we will get you from Point A to Point B in no time.