Privacy Please

Ringing cell phones, calendar alerts, traffics jam, toll lanes, board meetings, and doorbells are all signals and sounds that elicit some sort of response from within. In everyday life we learn to roll with the punches, but there are just some moments where you have to press the escape button and leave it all behind.


Lauren and I were able to just that at the end of 2015 and get a taste of island life, as we would present it to our clients. In half a day, we escaped the chill of the Rocky Mountains and over the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean, landing in the small, inviting Marsh Harbour Airport.


Our driver awaited us and drove us about 45 minutes to Pete’s Pub, where we toured the local gallery, had a fresh fish sandwich, met our host, Elizabeth, and loaded the boat with Captain Ellsworth for the final leg of our travels.


We immediately shredded our layers of winter coats and soaked in the fresh air, as we enjoyed the fresh ocean air, sunshine, and 85 degree temperature. We boated off from the resorts into a sea of bright colored Bahamian houses that were whimsical dots amidst the palm trees waving us into Bridges Cay.


Captain Ellsworth unloaded our bags and kept our winter coats out of site, as Elizabeth proceeded to give as a tour of the whole private island.  At that moment, I realized we had officially escaped. Not only the sounds of electronics and reminders, but also the hustle and bustle of every day and daily interaction of people and things. We took a dip on the private beach, again feeling ostracized, and reminiscent of Cast Away or any cast of characters on a remote island.


The 30 acres of Bridges Cay offer a Main Home and Guest House that would sleep up to 12 guests. The island is run off of solar power, integrating an environmentally friendly function into an island of luxury. The wrap around deck of the main home is elevated above the ocean and the outlook into the Caribbean is endless. Zen moments were immediately achieved as we stepped into the living room of the house. We were far away from sounds, people, places, things and the world began to operate on our watch for the next few days.


When left alone, you want options. With the boats available to guests, we were able to take day trips to the Abaco Club and night trips through the bioluminescent waters from Pete’s Pub.


If you are looking to get far away from the everyday chatter and have an adventure side to you, you may want to consider Bridges Cay.  Align Lifestyle Management is happy to share travel tips and scheduling to help plan your escape to a private island tucked in the Bahamas that could be your next bucket list vacation.